Normal 32.5 Portland composite cement is produced in conformity with the European standard EN-413-1. It is composed of Portland cement clinker and siliceous fly ash. The proportions of admixtures have been selected carefully in order to make the best use of the fly ash hydraulic properties and enhance the properties of the concrete mixture. Since Cement Normal 32.5 boasts better characteristics than those specified in the standard, in practice it exhibits properties comparable to those of class CEM II 32.5. It can be successfully used for the production of class C16/20 concretes showing resistance to corrosive and aggressive agents. Cement Normal 32.5 is characterized by good strength development over long hardening times. In mortars used for masonry and plastering jobs Cement Normal 32.5 shows a very good adhesion to the substrate. It gives mortars more plasticity and makes it possible to produce smoother surfaces.

For general use

  • moderate heat of hydration
  • high final strength
  • good workability of concrete mixture
  • moderate early strength development
  • resistance to corrosive and aggressive agents


  • jointless floors
  • ground stabilization
  • plain concretes
  • bound bedding
  • production of precasters
  • production of C16/20 ready-mixed concrete
  • production of mortars for masonry and plastering
  • production of concrete exposed to aggressive agents
  • concrete precasters not directly exposed to weather conditions
  • reinforced construction concretes of class C 12/15 to class C 16/20

Skład:Composition: CEM I 42.5 R, siliceous fly ash, set-control admixture

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