Cement MAX is used to make high-strength concrete. Due to its higher quality parameters it gives really strong concrete in a short time. Such properties guarantee quick production of strong and durable elements and structures. Apart from its dynamic setting Cement Max also boasts good plasticity and workability. When compared to other cements its proportion in the mix can be lower, which is certainly advantageous. Cement Max can be used to make concretes which need to exhibit high early strength and concretes to be used in foundations, structures, precast concrete products which cure in natural conditions at a higher or lower temperature, class C8/10 or C 16/20 concretes, e.g. reinforced floors, tie beams, beams, lintels and also heavily used floors and passageways (halls and corridors). For professionals

For professionals

  • reduced shrinkage
  • optimum setting time
  • very good workability
  • medium heat of hydration
  • technical parameters higher than those of CEM 32.5 R
  • enhanced resistance to chemical attack
  • high strength in long curing times
  • plasticizing admixtures improving working conditions
  • moderate early strength development


  • road construction
  • production of cellular concrete
  • production of coloured concrete and mortar
  • production of mortars for masonry and plastering
  • production of ready-mixed concrete of classes C8/10 to C16/20
  • production of precast small- and large size units
  • constructions and precasters which cure in natural conditions

Composition: cement CEM I 42.5 R, siliceous fly ash, set-control admixture

ITB (Building Research Institute) Technical Approval

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ITB (Building Research Institute) Certificate of Compliance

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