Product description
This product is made from carefully selected best-quality hard coal. Since we take special care of the quality of our products our pea coal, before being packed, is stored in conditions which enable moisture content control. The production process applied (crushing, screening, washing) produces high-performance coal. Low contents of sulphur and ash are definitely advantageous to the environment. High calorific value of the product makes it cost efficient and regular tests prove that this fuel meets the demands of modern environment friendly heating technology.


To be used in:
Feeding screw boilers
Piston feeder boilers
Coal-fired stoves
Traditional boilers

Ventilated foil (0.15 μm) bag of 25 kg
Disposable pallet of 120 cm x 80 cm (non-returnable)
Bulk packaging (40 bags of 25 kg each)
(1,000 kg secured with a stretch film)

Country of origin: Poland


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