Product description
ECO MAX pea coal is the highest calorific value fuel which the Włodar Trade company has on offer. Similar to our other products, ECO MAX coal undergoes the washing process, which removes impurities such as rock from coal. The high calorific value of the product places it among the best-quality solid fuels available on the market. Its carefully selected components greatly reduce caking and coking processes. ECO MAX coal contains little ash, which keeps the combustion chamber clean for a longer time. Purchasing our product will guarantee a consistent quality of the fuel used as well as problem-free operation of your boiler.


To be used in:
Feeding screw boilers
Piston feeder boilers
Traditional boilers

Ventilated foil (0.15 μm) bag of 25 kg
Disposable pallet 120 cm x 80 cm (non-returnable)
Bulk packaging (40 bags of 25 kg each)
(1,000 kg secured with a stretch film)

Country of origin: Poland


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