Our offer

Włodar Trade is a manufacturer of a wide range of bagged general-purpose cements. We concentrate our efforts on providing our clients with products suited for specific purposes. The ability to select specific parameters directly translates into the purchasing price, and eventually, into the total cost of an investment.


Our offer includes several types of cement, i.e. Portland cement (CEM I), Portland factory-made composite cements (CEM II) and also blast furnace cements (CEM III).

Fly ash is a bi-product of burning of hard coal in power plants. Ground into the form of fine dust it is blown into the boiler furnace and burnt at the temperature of 1,200ºC.

Hydrated lime is a component of masonry mortars used for building partition and load-bearing walls in one- and multi-storey buildings.

Pea-coal fuelled boilers can efficiently heat a building at a relatively low cost when compared to alternative methods of heating buildings such as gas or fuel oil.

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